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Emergency container host reboot (ams-e)

Resolved Feb 16th, 14:28 - 15:05 GMT


Resolvedover 3 years ago

The container host has been successfully rebooted and the issue has been fixed.

Please accept our further apologies for the following inconvenience that might have caused to you.

Please address any additional issues directly to support@elastichosts.com

Updateover 3 years ago

The host has been rebooted at 15:57 (CET)

Please expect further update on the following matter.

Fixingover 3 years ago

We would like to notify you that we have an issue shown up on our container host in the Amsterdam data center. We would need to proceed with an emergency container host reboot so please have in mind that there will be some downtime for your services. The issue affects the container hosts and folders; Windows or Linux Virtual machines will be operating as normal.

Please follow into https://help.elastichosts.com/status/of/ams-e for any additional updates.

This incident is reported as service impacting so please be advise of the downtime.

If you have any issues please send us an email to support@elastichosts.com