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Hong Kong cloud reboot to latest kernel 7th/8th June 2017 (SERVICE AFFECTING)

Completed Jun 7th, 19:00 - 19:44 BST


Complete11 months ago

All customer servers have started. We're closely watching the zone at the moment. If your server is not online, please check KVM to see the status. If you have any troubles, please let us know.

Update11 months ago

Around half of the customer servers in this zone have started so far.

Update11 months ago

All host servers have booted successfully, we're beginning to bring customer servers online.

Update11 months ago

We are now restarting the host servers in this zone.

Update11 months ago

We are shutting down customer servers now.

Planned11 months ago

Please be advised that we will be rebooting all of our cluster hosts in Hong Kong to the latest kernel. This will mean an outage for your servers of up to 2 hours from 1800-2000 UTC on Wednesday 7th June 2017 (0200-0400 HKT on Thursday 8th June 2017).

This will enable us to have the latest security features in the newest linux kernel, as well as allow us to bring more features to your control panel. It is a large step up in kernel versions, so please do check your servers afterwards for any issues.

Please note the control panel at https://hkg-e.elastichosts.com will not be available until the end of this maintenance.