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London West (was Maidenhead) cloud reboot to latest kernel 8th June 2017 (SERVICE AFFECTING)

Completed Jun 8th, 05:00 - 09:15 BST


Resolved12 months ago

This is following up on the London West (Previously Maidenhead) cluster reboot.

The maintenance today was successful and the whole cluster has been upgraded with the latest kernel patch which will provide stability, security and more useful features.

Accept our apologies for the service disruption that might have caused to you.

Please get back to us either through a support request at support@elastichosts.com or through our direct phone line +44 20 7183 8250 if you have any additional issues with your services.

Update12 months ago

Due to the high number of servers in the zone, starting up all customer machines takes a little bit longer. Apologies for the delay. Many of the machines are already started, there are around 300 VMs still to start up. Updates will follow

Update12 months ago

Cluster reboot has already finished and we are now starting all customer servers.
Further update will follow once everything is up.

Accept our apologies for the service disruption that might have caused to you.

Update12 months ago

Kernel updated successfully, starting up servers across the zone at the moment.

Update12 months ago

Scheduled Maintenance has started in London West (was Maidenhead). We are currently nicely shutting down servers in the zone and will continue with hosts reboots shortly. Updates will follow.

Plannedabout 1 year ago

Please be advised that we will be rebooting all of our cluster hosts in London West (was Maidenhead) to the latest kernel. This will mean an outage for your servers of up to 3 hours from 0400-0700 UTC (0500-0800 BST) on Thursday 8th June 2017.

This will enable us to have the latest security features in the newest linux kernel, as well as allow us to bring more features to your control panel. It is a large step up in kernel versions, so please do check your servers afterwards for any issues.

Please note the control panel at https://lon-b.elastichosts.com will not be available until the end of this maintenance.