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CentOS 6 container issue after host reboots

Resolved Aug 30th, 16:15 - Sep 11th, 16:30 BST


Update11 months ago

Another way to mitigate this:

  • Login to the container as the emergency user<br>
  • type 'passwd' to reset the 'root' password<br>
  • SSH to the container as root<br>
  • Edit this file: /etc/security/limits.d/90-nproc.conf<br>
  • Change where it says 1024 to unlimited<br>
  • Save<br>
  • Log back in as the desired user
    We will be rolling out this update to affected users soon.

Identified11 months ago

Some customers have reported issues with accessing CentOS 6 containers over SSH after the maintenance. The failed SSH login attempts results with the error shell request failed on channel 0.
We are working on identifying the cause of this issue. SSH sessions with private-key authentication as root user are not affected, so please this authentication method for SSH connections while we resolve the problem. <br><br>You can add your SSH keys to your containers' authorised keys either by updating /root/.ssh/authorized_keys via emergency SSH connection or by adding your SSH key to your user profile on the Profile page's Authentication tab.