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Core Router Maintenance: 26th Sep 00:30-01:30 & 23:30-00:30 **SERVICE AFFECTING**

Resolved Sep 17th, 20:00 - Sep 20th, 13:00 BST


Update11 months ago

This maintenance window has been cancelled. It will be rescheduled for October and new notifiers will be sent out as soon as possible.

Planned11 months ago

We have two important maintenance windows scheduled on Wednesday 26th September for core router updates in our Lon-b (London West) datacenter.

Core Router A has a maintenance window set for Wed 26th Sep @ 00:30-01:30 BST (UTC+1)
Core Router B has a maintenance window set for Wed 26th Sep @ 23:30-00:30 BST (UTC+1) (Maintenance ends Wed 27th Sep @ 00:30 BST)

We will likely see several minutes of downtime during each maintenance window--the time it takes to update each router and reboot it, but we have booked out an hour for each one in case we need to rollback our update or reboot multiple times.

We will send an 'all clear' email once each maintenance window has completed successfully.