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Los Angeles Upstream Connection Issues

Resolved Oct 1st, 18:00 - Oct 2nd, 06:30 BST


Resolvedabout 1 year ago

Our upstream provider had changed the MTU size of the link down to 1500 without prior update to us. This was part of their troubleshooting procedure while investigating a separate non-impacting issue over something different. The MTU size is back to 9000 in order to resolve the issues being experienced last night. The network management team within our upstream provider are reviewing this incident internally to ensure this does not happen again.

Monitoringabout 1 year ago

Our upstream provider in the Los Angeles zone has made some changes to MTU and PMTU settings. As a result, we're seeing some strange connection behavior in the Los Angeles zone which is outside of our control.

We will return with updates as soon as new information is available, but are unable to take further action at this time.

Support will still be happy to troubleshoot issues with you, but if you're seeing some minor connection drops and other strange behavior, it is likely down to this ongoing event. Our provider is working on correcting for this problem presently.