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Toronto Packet Loss - DoS attack

Resolved Apr 1st, 23:20 - Apr 2nd, 02:45 BST


Resolved8 months ago

We have locked the second IP and taken steps to ensure this will hopefully not reoccur.

Fixing8 months ago

The denial of service attack has focused on another target- we are speaking with upstream support and expect a resolution soon.

Investigating8 months ago

We've noticed some issues with packet loss in Toronto. We have not yet ascertained the root of the issue, but we are in communication with our upstream provider now.

Update8 months ago

We have discovered the source of the packet loss and have null-routed the relevant machine. Networking in Toronto should be back to normal now.

No server had an actual outage during this time, so all machines vulnerable to unexpected reboots should still be in good shape; this was a communication issue only, no outage.