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Hong Kong data center connectivity

Resolved May 2nd, 15:01 - 15:52 BST


Completeabout 1 year ago

The issue hasn't repeated. The data center reported a software issue with a switch to their vendor - this is currently being worked on. When we have more information, we'll let you know via email. Sorry for all the trouble caused today.

Updateabout 1 year ago

At the time of writing the Hong Kong zone is available again. We are waiting for an official 'all clear' from the data center, until we receive it we expect intermittent connectivity issues. We'll keep you posted.

Updateabout 1 year ago

The Hong Kong zone is still unavailable at this time. We have contacted the data center, they are having significant networking issues. We will update you again at 16:15 BST.

Fixingabout 1 year ago

Hong Kong data center is currently unreachable, we are in the process of contacting the respectful upstream provider to inquire more information. We apologize for the inconvenience.