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Emergency reboot in lon-p (London Portsmouth)

Completed Jul 23rd, 02:00 - 07:00 BST


Complete6 months ago

All VMs are back up and running now. Please contact us if you encounter any issues.

Update6 months ago

The initial maintenance period is over, however, starting all the VMs is taking longer than initially thought due to the size of the zone. 40% of vms and containers have been started and we continue to work to bring the remaining servers up.

Update6 months ago

Reboot succesful. Now bringing up guests and containers

Update6 months ago

All guests and containers shut down, now commencing reboot of hosts

Fixing6 months ago

We are commencing the maintenance period

Planned6 months ago

Severe vulnerabilities have been disclosed that we need to mitigate with a controlled reboot of our platform. To patch our hosts, we have allocated an emergency maintenance window for the zone lon-p (London Portsmouth).

Start time: 23/07/2019 @ 02:00 BST (01:00 UTC)
End time: 23/07/2019 @ 04:00 BST (03:00 UTC)

During this time your services on this zone will be inaccessible while the host servers are rebooted to a new kernel version.

  • Any VM or container that is switched on at the start of the maintenance period will be gracefully shutdown, and then started up once the reboot has taken place.
  • If you do not want your VM or container to start up after the maintenance period, please either shut it down at least 10 minutes before the maintenance period starts, or contact us via email so we can make an exception for you (support@elastichosts.com).
  • If you need your VMs to be shutdown and started up in a specific order, please contact us via email so we can make an exception for you (support@elastichosts.com).
  • If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us via email so we can address them.

    The patches relate to the Zombieload vulnerability.

    Please understand this is a critical vulnerability which all hosting providers are affected by, the implications of not mitigating the issue quickly are potentially devastating.